Building A Scrap Income Into Your Computer Business

If you run a computer business, you’ve probably had customers ask if you recycle computers or electronics. If you don’t accept old computers, you may want to change your tune. Breaking down old computers into their scrap components can yield some serious cash. Breaking Down RAM Most sticks of ram feature gold fingers at the end of every stick. To process sticks of RAM properly to be sold as scrap you need to get your hands on a band saw.

Do Small Business Recycling Programs Matter?

You might wonder whether the costs of recycling for your small business are worth it. While major oil spills and other big business blunders may seem more significant, there is still a cumulative effect when small businesses play their own part in recycling and other sustainability initiatives. Many Businesses Are Small Businesses With the boom of small businesses, a greater share of work is being done by small businesses in total.