Do Small Business Recycling Programs Matter?

You might wonder whether the costs of recycling for your small business are worth it. While major oil spills and other big business blunders may seem more significant, there is still a cumulative effect when small businesses play their own part in recycling and other sustainability initiatives.

Many Businesses Are Small Businesses

With the boom of small businesses, a greater share of work is being done by small businesses in total. That means that the responsibility for environmental protection is getting a bit more spread out as well. If many small businesses choose not to play their part in sustainability initiatives, that leads to a big loss overall.

Show Customers You Care

Recycling programs also matter to your customers. They just want to see that the businesses they are working with and putting their money into are aware of their own environmental toll. Not having the right recycling program could lose you business. But having a great sustainability program helps to set the bar high for other small businesses that come into operation.

Better Customer Comfort

When you have the right recycling practices set up, it also allows customers to personally partake in doing their part to protect the environment. For instance, some clients might not want to accept a coffee from you if they know that cup is going straight into the landfill. They will feel less comfortable, and you have less of an opportunity to impress them when they aren't comfortable. Another example would be if a client loves your product but doesn't feel comfortable buying a product that uses excessive packaging that isn't recyclable.

What Is Recycling?

Recycling for business covers a lot of ground. The first step is making sure that all products that you use to run your business are, in fact, recyclable. That allows employees and customers to easily do their part. This could mean office supplies, cups and utensils, boxes and other things that you use day to day. You will need to have an adequate number of construction containers or similar transportable storage containers to help you efficiently collect, sort, and transport all of the recyclables you collect as well. There's also the act of finding specialty services to take unique items. For example, are you aware that appliance recycling is possible, or that office toner cartridges can be recycled?

The second part of the job is getting a recycling  service to come to your business and help you set up a plan for efficiently managing waste products within your construction containers and sending them to the correct facilities. It will take a bit of effort to manage the volume of your recycling and make sure everyone knows how to participate. But all of these steps can make a difference, no matter how big or small your business is.