Teaching Your Family How To Recycle

Three Ways To Increase Your Children’s Excitement About Recycling

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Many Canadians love the environment around them, and one of the ways that this passion is shown is by peoples’ commitment to recycling. On average, each Canadian recycles more than 100 kilograms of material per year and among households that have access to recycling programs, 97 percent make use of these programs. If you’re trying to get your children more interested in recycling, an effective way to to schedule a visit to your local recycling depot. It’s often possible to arrange a tour to let your children see first-hand how their recyclable goods are collected and learn how they’re converted into other materials for the benefit of the environment. Once you’ve got your children to be excited about the idea of recycling, here are three ways to make it easy for them to do their part. Provide Them With Their Own Bins Children spend a lot of time in their own rooms and they’ll often produce material that can either be recycled or thrown in the garbage. If you expect your child to take his or her scrap of paper, soda can or tub of yogurt down to the recycling bin in the garage, you might be asking too much — some kids will simply throw out these items. Avoid this potential problem by providing kids their own recycling bins for their rooms. Interior bins are available in several sizes to suit even smaller rooms. With this bin always just a few feet away, your child will feel more keen to recycle. Involve Some Healthy Competition If you have two more or more children, some healthy competition can increase the kids’ desire to recycle. Once you place a bin in each child’s room, hold a weekly contest — the child whose recycling bin is the most full and garbage bin is the least full will win. You can choose to give out small prizes to honour the winner, but another is to have the child who generates the most garbage and least amount of recycling be responsible for dumping all the children’s bins that week. Set A Positive Example Children are constantly watching their parents and following their lead — make sure that your actions always show that recycling is a priority in your home. Don’t ever toss something in the garbage that could otherwise be recycled because you can’t be bothered to walk to the nearest bin. By consistently sending a good message about the value of recycling, you’ll find that your children will mimic your actions. To learn more, speak with a company like Uptown Bottle...

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Organizing Your Major Remodeling Project?: How Bin Rentals Fit Into Your Plans

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Are you “hyper-organized”? That is quite positive when it comes to meeting deadlines and finishing things, like that major home remodeling project you have started. If you find that you are a major detail-oriented person, even when it comes to your home remodel, you will want to make sure everything has a place and everything is put in its place. Here is how bin rentals fit into your schema and provide you with some much-needed sense of fulfillment as your project progresses. Bin Rentals Are Color-Coded Already Color coding and coordinating organization by specific characteristics is just in your nature. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that; people like you keep the world clean and neat and running smoothly. So when you are faced with a bin rental, you may be ecstatic to realize that your bins are already color-coded for junk materials by type. Green is usually and strictly just garbage. Blue is often for commingled recyclables or paper and cardboard. Some companies also rent out black bins, in which case these may be used for whatever recyclables you have left that you do not want to put in the other two colored bins. If you have the money and are really serious about separating things and placing them into colored bins, you may even find a company that rents out yellow bins, orange bins or red bins (although red bins are typically reserved for bio-hazardous waste and medical waste). Bins Are Already Labeled Good news—you do not have make a series of signs or create large labels to post on the bins and designate them for x,y and z materials. Most bin rentals are already labeled according to what kinds of materials the rental company allows you to put in each of them. Only when all of your bins are the same color and/or state the same thing on their exteriors would you want to label them differently. Bin Rentals Are Dropped off and Picked up on a Set Schedule You like things to be on time. Bin rentals are scheduled for drop-off and pick-up times and are nearly exact in their timing. You know exactly when to expect the arrival of your bins for the start of your project and you know exactly when the rental company will return to collect your perfectly organized trash. How you manage the progress of your project in between is up to you. Look into services like BIZ Mechanical Complete Waste Services disposal bin rentals for more...

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